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Project Management

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Shoal Point Development, Mackay QLD

ERSCON worked closely with the Developer and local authorities on the ongoing Shoal Point Development that includes 299 residential lots, 3 high density lots, a shopping village, and a resort site. Our company is committed to delivering quality work that meets our clients’ needs and can provide engineering support across multiple project aspects to ensure successful delivery.

Our involvement in the project has been extensive, spanning from initial feasibility estimates to detailed civil design, contract administration, and construction supervision. Major works include:

  • Design of Bulk earthworks across the site, approximately 200,000m3 cut to fill.

  • Detail design of all civil infrastructure on the first 3 stages (100 residential lots).

  • Superintendent role and construction inspections of bulk earthworks, first 2 stages of civil works (67 residential lots) and the entry road.

Additionally, we offer more detailed consulting services, which were particularly relevant for this project. We collaborated with multiple subconsultants to provide the following services:

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Modelling using MUSIC.

  • WSUD design and supervision of bioretention basin construction.

  • Trunk sewer hydraulic modelling.

  • Trunk sewer infrastructure construction supervision (sewer pump stations and rising mains).

  • Contaminated land coordination to remove the site from the Environmental Management Register.

  • Rock Revetment design.

  • Coordination of coastal engineering erosion assessments and monitoring.

  • Coordination of blasting for bulk earthworks.

  • Cultural heritage liaison to gain approvals to clear the site.

Paga Hill Development, Papua New Guinea

The Paga Hill Estate is located on a small peninsula adjacent to the Port Moresby CBD and is considered to be the future of PNG. The total developable land area covers an area of approximately 28 ha with a 2ha (approx.) elevated summit at 90m above sea level.

With spectacular views, idyllic surrounds, historic war relics and located less than a ten-minute walk to the Port Moresby downtown area, the site provides an unparalleled opportunity to develop a master planned, exclusive development consisting of hotels, resorts, executive residential, technology, commercial, marina and open space precincts.

“With such an opportunity comes responsibility, and despite an enduring timeline, we’ve remained true to our vision of a comprehensively planned, landmark and inclusive development that will transform the face of Port Moresby.” “The site will be one for all to enjoy, a vibrant hub and focal point for the city, and more importantly, an icon of a modern and progressive PNG.”


ERSCON has been working with Paga Hill Development Company (PHDC) for over 10 years and have provided ongoing Civil Design and Contract Administration assistance for the development of the site. The first stage of land reclamation work is currently underway that will create a 9hectare waterfront site for mixed use private and public developments. The seaward edge of the site will include a 700m long waterfront promenade that will be open for public use. Reclamation works are scheduled to be completed in 2023 and ERSCON is now working with PHDC in preparing design options to continue the reclamation works in future stages around Paga Hill.


Paga Hill Estate holds Physical Planning Board approval for bulk earthworks on the site (including reclamation of the sea lease area), preliminary building approval for the complete development of the site including building mass, road networks and intersection locations with the Paga Hill Ring Road. The site has recently been recognised as a Project of National Significance and has received a 99 years exclusive casino licence.

Kanimbla Heights Estate, Cairns QLD

Kanimbla Heights Estate has been a multi-stage subdivision which started in 2001 as a masterplan through to the successful delivery up to Stage 24 currently under construction.  The site is located at the foothills of the Macalister Range located in the Wet Tropic area.  An average of over 2m of rain per year falls on the area and is directed under the subdivision in a series of drainage networks to ensure the maximum protection of residents from inundation.

The lots have been engineered to maximise their exposure to the prevailing, cool breezes by elevating them in a concertina pattern up the slopes, in effect, creating a fan shape.  Most of the elevated sites proffer sweeping views to the chrystalline views of the skyline of Cairns City and beyond across the Coral Sea through to Green Island.








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Redlynch Central Estate - Project Management

Redlynch Central Estate,

Redlynch QLD

Members of the ERSCON team have been involved in the detailed design, project and construction management of Stages 1 through 11 (including sub-stages).

Our involvement has included multiple stages of the local shopping centre precinct, in addition to the civil design and project and construction management of the commercial site which hosts fast food leases and a fuel outlet, as well as local sporting facilities (including futsal courts designed and built to an international standard).

The works have involved the various intersection upgrades, with the addition of dedicated turning facilities and preliminary works for staged upgrade. The shopping centre works required an upgrade to improve the bus stop and associated facilities for the Redlynch Central Shopping Centre.

Innisfail Estate - Project Management

Innisfail Estate,

Innisfail QLD

ERSCON has worked closely with the Developer during master planning and attaining the Development Approval of Innisfail Estate that once complete will comprise over 600 residential lots plus two commercial lots. With the DA secured, ERSCON has completed the detailed civil design for the first three stages and have successfully delivered the first Stage comprising 11 lots and major stormwater infrastructure to control flooding at the site.


ERSCON has also undertaken the following consulting services at Innisfail Estate:

  • Coordinate flood studies and modelling.

  • Trunk infrastructure modelling.

  • Traffic impact assessments and reporting.

  • DA and master plan design drawings.

  • Operational work civil drawings.

  • Civil superintendents role and site inspections during construction.

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