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NDRRA / Local Government

ERSCON Consulting Engineers has extensive experience and a strong track record when it comes to National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) works. The company has played a pivotal role in providing engineering solutions and support during times of natural disasters and post-disaster recovery efforts.

Recognising the critical importance of timely and effective response, ERSCON has developed specialised expertise in assessing, planning, and implementing infrastructure rehabilitation and reconstruction projects under the NDRRA framework. The firm understands the unique challenges posed by disasters such as floods, cyclones, bushfires, and earthquakes, and is well-equipped to provide comprehensive engineering services in these scenarios.

ERSCON's experienced team of engineers collaborates closely with government agencies, local authorities, and communities to assess the damage caused by natural disasters. They conduct detailed inspections and evaluations to identify structural issues, safety hazards, and infrastructure damage. This information forms the basis for formulating effective recovery strategies and designing appropriate solutions.

During the planning and design phase, ERSCON employs state-of-the-art technology, advanced modeling techniques, and industry best practices to develop resilient and sustainable engineering solutions. The company takes into account the unique challenges and constraints of the disaster-affected area while ensuring compliance with relevant codes, regulations, and standards.

ERSCON's expertise extends to a wide range of NDRRA-related projects, including the repair and reconstruction of roads, bridges, culverts, water supply systems, drainage networks, and other critical infrastructure. The firm excels in delivering cost-effective solutions that prioritise durability, functionality, and community needs.

Additionally, ERSCON understands the importance of efficient project management and coordination in NDRRA works. The company effectively liaises with stakeholders, manages resources, and adheres to strict timelines to ensure the timely completion of projects. Their comprehensive approach encompasses procurement management, contract administration, quality control, and risk assessment to minimize disruptions and maximize project success.

ERSCON's experience with NDRRA works goes beyond the technical aspects. The firm also recognizes the importance of community engagement and collaboration. They actively involve affected communities in the decision-making process, ensuring their voices are heard and their specific needs are addressed. This inclusive approach fosters trust, resilience, and long-term sustainability.

Overall, ERSCON Pty Ltd Consulting Engineers brings a wealth of experience, technical expertise, and a compassionate approach to NDRRA works. Their ability to effectively respond to natural disasters, deliver efficient engineering solutions, and support the recovery process makes them a reliable partner for governments, local authorities, and communities in times of crisis.


NDRRA / QLDRA Reconstruction

The ERSCON team has provided project management services to several Council's for their extensive restoration programs following significant damage as a result of several declared events and associated flooding in the region.

  • Provision of on-site damage assessments

  • Preparation of submission documentation (including Form 1, Form 4, Form 5 & Form 6 and supporting documentation)

  • Negotiation of approved scope and management of approvals timing to suit construction program

  • Preparation of works packages and plans for including scope drawings, detailed works descriptions and QA procedures.

  • On-site construction and project management services and support

  • Progress claim submissions and liaison with QldRA project control branch

  • Preparation and submission for Form 13 Extension of Time requests as necessary

  • Submission and auditing of project/event close out and management through to final claim payment.

NDRRA/QldRA Betterment

ERSCON completed initial assessment and on-site inspections to identify potential betterment projects, based on our intimate knowledge of the local area, to improve resilience and reduce access constraints for the local community and industry.  Following potential funding availability, ERSCON provided the following services:

  • Project Management from submission through to construction

  • Preparation of scope, drawings and detailed submission documentation for approval (including Betterment Proposal Details Form and Form 4)

  • Royalties for Regions submissions to supplement funding if required

  • Preparation of detailed design drawings and documentation for projects

  • Tender preparation, assessment and negotiations

  • Construction and Contract Management (Superintendent’s Representative), including site inspections and reporting

  • Preparation and submission of progress claims

  • Final inspections and preparation of close out documentation.

ERSCON Projects

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