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NDRRA / Local Government

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NDRRA Works (Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements)


ERSCON has assisted several councils with their NDRRA and DRFA Works since 2014.


ERSCON undertakes the assessment and lodges the application for funding approval to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA), which is the governing body for the NDRRA and Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) programs.


ERSCON allocates resources to ensure that the assessments are undertaken thoroughly and to the required standards and format expected by QRA/NDRRA and the application was lodged on the due date.


We undertake the construction project management and required reporting to QRA/NDRRA in a timely manner, delivering within the funding timeframes and budgets allocated.




Bynoe River Crossings, Normanton to Burketown Road, Normanton QLD

ERSCON is engaged to deliver the concept design to QldRA/NDRRA and secure funding for the project which has been successful. We have prepared detailed design drawings and documentation, tender and construction documentation and are currently managing the construction and project management of the project. The project involves the upgrading of three existing concrete causeways along the Normanton – Burketown Road.


ERSCON's design of new concrete box culverts and causeway approaches improves flood immunity for these causeways, whilst minimising impact on existing flows and improving fish passage across the causeways via improved fish ladders. The fish passage was also incorporated into the design, through improved/upgraded fish passages structures, working to current standards.

The project is constrained in that our design must not impact existing flows and fish passage, as well as local soil conditions, and detailed structural analysis has been completed to ensure that flows in flood conditions do not adversely affect the new structures.

Mitchell River Crossing, Normanton QLD

The project involves the design and construction a new approach to the Mitchell River Crossing (a Poly Gabion structure), as well as design and construction of a buried cut-off wall (utilising Elcorock sand filled bags) & the restoration of a failed section of the crossing. The works are located on Dunbar-Koolatah Road, in Carpentaria Shire. The design had to be cognisant of the limited approved budget for the project, and ensure that the design outcomes would not exceed the project budget. The design also had to consider tight construction timelines, as the work has to be completed within a short construction window before the wet season.


Other projects

Normanton Road - NDRRA
Carpentaria Shire Road - NDRRA
Bynoe River Crossing - NDRRA
Bynoe River Crossing - NDRRA
Bynoe River Crossing approaches - NDRRA
Mitchell River Crossing - NDRRA
Mitchell River Crossing2 - NDRRA
Dunbar to Kowanyama Rd - NDRRA

Dunbar to Kowanyama Road

Carpentaria Shire, QLD

ERSCON was engaged for the Design and Construction management of 17 concrete causeways.

Upgrading the causeway, the project aims to provide a safer and more reliable connection between Dunbar and Kowanyama, improving access to essential services, promoting trade and commerce, and enhancing the overall connectivity of the area.

Flinders River Crossing - NDRRA

Flinders River Crossing, Normanton to Burketown Road

Carpentaria Shire, QLD

Concept and detailed design of causeway flood immunity improvement at the Flinders River Crossing on the Normanton-Burketwown Road in Carpentaria Shire.

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