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Civil Engineering Projects

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KHE Stage 24B

Kanimbla Heights Estate, Stage 24B, Cairns QLD

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Karumba Seawall,

Karumba QLD



Shoal Point Development, Mackay QLD (under construction)

Plain Creek CW

Plain Creek Causeway, 

Dunbar - Kowanyama Road

Carpentaria Shirem QLD

(Under construction)

ERSCON were engaged to complete detailed design, project management and construction oversight of the upgrade of Plain Creek in northern Carpentaria Shire.
Flinders River Crossing - Engineering


Flinders River Crossing


Normanton, QLD

ERSCON were engaged to complete the concept and detailed design of causeway flood immunity improvement at the Flinders River Crossing on the Normanton-Burketwown Road in Carpentaria Shire.
Redlynch Shopping Centre - Engineering

Redlynch Central Shopping Centre and Residential Development

Redlynch, QLD

Our involvement has included multiple stages of the local shopping centre precinct, in addition to the civil design and project and construction management of the commercial site which hosts fast food leases and a fuel outlet, as well as local sporting facilities (including futsal courts designed and built to an international standard).


The works have involved the various intersection upgrades, with the addition of dedicated turning facilities and preliminary works for staged upgrade.


The shopping centre works required an upgrade to improve the bus stop and associated facilities for the Redlynch Central Shopping Centre.


Paga Hill Development, Pupua New Guinea

Optimized-Norm Boat Ramp.jpg

Normanton Boat Ramp,

Normanton QLD

Dunbar-KOW BM

Dunbar - Kowanyama Betterment Sealing, Carpentaria Shire, QLD

The Dunbar – Kowanyama Road Sealing project involved the upgrade of approximately 17km of road with cement stabilized pavement and 2-coat spray seal, to improve resilience to future natural disasters.
Poingdestre Creek CW

Poingdestre Creek Causeway

Normanton - Burketown Road

Carpentaria Shire, QLD

ERSCON were engaged to complete detailed design, project management and construction oversight of the upgrade of Poingdestre Creek within Carpentaria Shire.
Armstrong Creek CW

Armstrong Creek Causeway - Normanton Burketown Road

Carpentaria Shire, QLD

The upgrade of Armstrong Creek involved design, project management and construction oversight. Scope of the project included realigning approximately 420m of road and replacing the original structure with new 9/ 12 x 12 culverts, aprons, wingwalls, concrete running surface, signage and more.

Kanimbla Heights Estate - Engineering

Kanimbla Heights Estate,

Cairns, QLD

The ERSCON team managed the detailed design for more than 10 stages of this 715-allotment development in Far North Queensland.


With large, steep external stormwater catchments, challenging terrain, cane railway and trunk infrastructure throughout the site, the team have an understanding of the challenging site constraints.


Our focus was on providing positive outcomes for the local community. Works included road works, bulk earthworks, sewer, water and stormwater services, as well as large underground stormwater drainage culverts and associated large drains.

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